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Below are just a few of the courses and other pieces of content I have developed. If you see something you like and have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

All proprietary information has been removed for the customers anonymity and content protection.

Corporate Emergency and Evacuation

This course was designed for an organization that hosted campuses across the United States and was seeking a way to provide both blanket and location-specific emergency information. Using a set of variables and layers, I was able to offer a modern, clean approach that allowed each campus to get the information specific to them.

The Book of Cheese

The book of cheese was a resource guide created for associates in the Deli Department. This tool was referred to on the sales floor while assisting customers in finding the best cheese when pairing with wine and also when building a charcuterie board.

This document was designed inside Adobe InDesign. It is printed as a top punch 3-ring, 5×7 binder. This allowed for the pages to be easily removed when cheeses were taken out of rotation, and new cards added as cheeses were added.

Beef Grind Log

The Beef Grind Log course was developed after the law changed that impacted the tracking of beef within a store. The course walked the associate through the tracking process and provided links to each of the resources in the drop-down menu.

All media assets were built inside Adobe Illustrator to as closely match the equipment and layout of an actual store location as possible

LGBTQ Inclusion course

This course was developed for a customer looking to introduce their team members to a more inclusive culture. It was developed inside Articulate Storyline 360 and designed to be presented within Adobe Connect virtual classroom.

Leading Associates Virtual Class

This program was developed for a global organization who wanted to address the leadership of associates who sit on virtual teams across the world. This deck was developed inside Microsoft PowerPoint for use in a virtual classroom. The assets were created inside Adobe Illustrator.

Leading Change Toolkit

The Leading Change Toolkit was developed for an organization looking to provide leaders with a resource that would help them guide their teams through times of change or address situations that arise and need change management techniques applied. This document was built inside Adobe InDesign and assets were built in Adobe Illustrator.

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